I coach local clients at gyms in either Pawtucket or Warwick, RI, in their homes, or even outdoors as weather permits. We will determine a location that works best for you. (If you are not local, please check out my distance coaching page.) Mamas are busy! I like to try to make things as easy as possible for you. Regardless of the location, training with me involves the following:

  • An assessment that addresses your health, injury and movement history, your current goals, and details of the reason you’re reaching out for help.
  • Creating a plan that feels achievable and sustainable to get you reaching your goals.
  • 60-minute sessions, at a frequency that we determine best serves you and your goals and preferences. See below packages.
  • A manageable plan for what to work on in between our sessions together to further help you reach your goals.
  • The option to schedule a mid-week check-in. Check-ins are scheduled for 30 minutes and can be used for whatever you are feeling you need that week. These can be over the phone, or video chat, depending on the material you would like to cover.
  • The option for me to coordinate with other members of your care team including any medical professional, physical therapist, chiropractor, or movement coach with whom you may be working.
  • Book your FREE 15-minute consultation today and let’s chat!


Cost per single sessions booked varies depending on location, duration, and the number of sessions purchased. Most 60-minute sessions end up between $60 – $75.

Mid-week phone or zoom check-ins are 30 mins in length and cost $30 per session.

Four or six-week packages are available and can include any combination of assessment, programming, advice/substitutes for your gym’s programming, and sessions. Pricing varies on the combination that is right for you and typically ends up costing between $85 – $200.

The first step to purchasing any sessions or packages is to book your FREE 15-minute consultation.